Weathertex Signboard

An exterior grade wood fibre board with a factory-applied primer coating on the surfaces.

Weathertex Signboard has been one of the most durable, versatile and widely used signage products available.  Made from the natural Australian hardwood, it makes handling, cutting, machining, routing and shaping with normal woodworking tools and machinery a breeze, enabling limitless decorative and design solutions.

Weathertex Signboard is ideal for:

  • Advertising boards
  • Display boards
  • Notice boards
  • Displays
  • Linings

Standard sheet sizes:
1830mm x 1220mm
2440mm x 1220mm

Standard thickness available:

Many in the sign industry now consider this board to be superseded by aluminium composite panel (A.C.P.) as the A.C.P. is lighter allowing for one person sign installations in many situations.