Marine Plywood

Marine Grade and Exterior use the same waterproof glue. The main difference is that Marineless internal voids than Exterior grade. This is especially important when the plywood is bent, because the voids will give a weak area that will not bend in a uniform manner.  The lack of internal voids also improves the ability not to absorb water.

Marine Plywood is ideal for:

  • Boat building
  • Docks
  • Building and construction where there is exposure to a high-moisture environment
  • Motor homes
  • Feature walls

Sheet size:
2400mm x 1200mm

4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm


Marine Plywood manufactured to AS/NZS 2272 - 2006 has a permanent Type A phenolic bond. This waterproof adhesive will resist rotting in high-moisture environment.  Marine Plywood is manufactured from selected species based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and surface finishing characteristics. Uses selected species with minimum stress grade F14 with ‘A’ grade, sanded face and back.

The other standard seen in Australia is BS1088-1:2003 (the British standard which is read in conjunction with BS1088-2:2003 which is a standard used for determining glue bond quality in BS1088 marine ply).

Both standards are similar and specify in detail the manufacturing tolerances and allowable defects in ply sheets.

For example

BS1088-1:2003 AS/NZS 2272
Pin knots in face veneers - up to 6 per square metre of panel surface 

Pin knots in core veneers  - unlimited number
For Face veneers - Knots (sound intergrown)—not exceeding 4 mm measured across the grain and not more than four per sheet.
For core veneers - sound knots - unlimited in number