PVC Foam

Also known by the brand names Foamex®, Forex®, Palight, Digifoam among others depending on the particular manufacturer and/or distributor.  We source our sheets from a number of manufacturers depending on the size, colour and end usage to ensure best quality & price for our customers and their specific usage.

PVC Foam sheets are a highly versatile material that is easily printed on, usually consisting of foamed centre laminated with various exterior surfaces to suit a variety of applications and environments.

The standard colour is semi gloss white with sheet thicknesses from 1mm to 30mm and sheet size 2400 x 1200.  Colours are predominantly available only in 3mm thickness.

  • non corrosive, light weight and non toxic
  • excellent chemical and rot resistance
  • fire retardant and self extinguishing
  • sound insulating and low water absorption
  • half the weight of solid PVC sheet
  • suitable for bonding
  • colours will fade outdoors after time
  • foam PVC sheet exhibits a finely controlled textured surface finish to create outstanding printing results.

Celuka Foam Board, Signex, Nycel, Maxi T

Once again the brand name depends on the particular manufacturer and/or distributor.

Essentially a specialised foam PVC sheet with a semi gloss hardened outer surface that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.   It can be substituted for timber and consistently chosen for non illuminated sign boards, cut out letters, laboratory shelving and bench tops, caravan and boat building. Sheets sized 2440mm x 1220mm, are available in 10-30mm thick in white and black but may be painted to match internal/external colour schemes.