Plywood & Plastics History

Plywood & Plastics was established in 2000 with the principle of being “market focussed”, that is, identify customer’s needs and source the products to fill these needs. The original customer base of the business was the sign and display industries but as time has passed, and knowledge of the existence of Plywood & Plastics has grown, the demand for other panel products has increased. We have responded to these demands by continually updating our stock range and reviewing our suppliers.

In September 2009 we relocated to larger premises that are more accessible, making it easier for our customers wishing to pick up their orders, and for us to expand our stock range.

The niche market developed by Plywood & Plastics meets the needs of many small businesses, particularly in the Sutherland Shire and the St George area. Many of these businesses are too small for the big suppliers but need a reliable supplier to maintain and grow their businesses. We believe that there is a place for smaller businesses despite the prevalence of “the bigger the better” being a driving market force. We pride ourselves on our personal service and supplying quality products at the best prices rather than just trying to beat our competitors’ prices by selling products that do not meet our benchmark in terms of quality.

Our customer base ranges from the big players in the sign & display industries, businesses involved in marine and construction industries through to sign writers working from home and the home handyman. No customer is too big or too small for us.

Our staff members have a wealth of experience in both the sign & timber industries. Our previous experience also enables us to understand the protocols required by large businesses as well as the joys and tribulations of running a small business.